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  • AASHTO – American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
  • DEP – Department of Environmental Protection
  • FHWA – Federal Highway Administration
  • NEPA – National Environmental Policy Act
  • NJDEP – New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
  • NJDOT – New Jersey Department of Transportation
  • NJTPA – North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
  • NJTPA Local Concept Development (LCD) Study phase – The first phase in NJTPA’s Local Project Delivery Process.
  • NJTPA Local Preliminary Engineering (LPE) Phase – The second phase in NJTPA’s Local Project Delivery Process
  • NJTPA Local Capital Project Delivery Process – A competitive program which provides funding to NJTPA Subregions – the 15 city and county members of the NJTPA – to prepare proposed transportation projects for eventual construction with federal funding.
  • Project Teamis composed of members representing City of Newark, Essex County, NJDOT Local Aid, NJDOT BEPR, NJTPA, FHWA, Michael Baker International, Inc. (the prime consultant design engineering firm), and other supporting consulting firms for engineering, environmental, cultural and community involvement support.
  • SHPO – State Historic Preservation Office

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